I am Grégory Sacré, artist and graphic designer since 2013. 
Making alternative movie posters was a game at first, and then became a whole part of my professional life. Fully equipped with my latest and most powerful digital tools (yay Photoshop!), I always have the same process in mind : creating contents with the idea of a physical outcome or print. 
But there is more behind this choice : I am in a constant search for presenting contents that are meaningful, that create emotions. The “physical” dimension of the process in a pretext to illustrate my love and will to communicate about personal elements, to work on details. 
My influences are plurial : first bottlefed with champagne (where I live) and japanese anime, I am fond of movies, serials, video games and music. This very large panel of inspiration made me able to build my own graphic style and every new project is a chance to adapt it. 
Transforming what was a game, an exercise, a passion, into a professional activity has been an unexpected and blooming success ! My bond with physical support has become concrete through several exhibitions and work with distributors by creating Blu-Ray covers. 
Feel free to contact me. My professional and private lives are well filled but it will always be a pleasure to be in touch with you ! ​​​​​​​
Grégory Sacré / Gokaiju
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